My name is Judith Berman, and I’m a fiction writer and anthropologist. You can find more about the fiction side of my life, including publications, e-books, links to author interviews, news, and writing about writing, under ➵Fiction.

My academic training is in anthropology and folklore, and my primary areas of research are the history and traditional literatures of North Pacific Coast indigenous peoples. Information about my current project is ➵here.

And publications of both kinds are listed ➵here.

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STAND, To. The movement by which a ship advances toward a certain object, or departs from it; as, “The enemy stands in shore,” “We saw three sail standing to the southward.” — The Sailor’s Lexicon, Admiral William Henry Smyth, 1867 (2005 edition, Hearst Books).

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. How do I sign up to get notices of your blog posts?

    • Hi Jeanette–
      Thanks for reading! The site is still somewhat under construction. I’ve just figured out how to add a “Follow” button.

      • OK. Please add me to the list, when you have a means of sending notices re your posts. You might be interested in my blog, with thoughts about writing and some posts about BC coast history. See: http://thescribes.ca/blog/.

        Have you seen where Henry Beuhler is mentioned in Charlie Nowell’s autobiography? See page 91. Nowell mentions him a couple of times, as a classmate. (Ford used the above spelling.)

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